How To Save Buying Resale

How To Save Buying Resale

You can purchase for up to 85% off Marriott’s sales prices !

How To Save Buying Resale
You can purchase for up to 85% off Marriott’s sales prices !

Timeshares Should Not Be Purchased New!

Times have changed — we no longer need not sell timeshares the way we did 20 years ago! With the expansion of the resale market, buyers can make a more informed choice than in the past.

Those who purchase on the secondary market through Doctor Timeshare can save substantially over the Developer sales prices and be assured they are purchasing the location that best fits their needs at the lowest prices in the marketplace.

Sebastien Belilty
Doctor Timeshare Specialist

How Can it be So Affordable?

A simple fact: 50% of the initial price of a timeshare purchased from a Resort is allocated to sales, marketing, and administration costs.

Someone must pay for those “gifts”, restaurant and spa vouchers the Developers are giving away in marketing. That someone is you, the consumer, who buys a new timeshare directly from the Developer.

If you buy through the resale market, you will receive no presentation “gifts” but the guarantee to buy the same timeshare 70% to 85% cheaper, from the comfort of your own home, without ever setting foot in a ninety-minute timeshare sales presentation.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I lose any benefits buying a timeshare on the resale market?

Know that you are not buying a copy product or an inferior membership, as some sales people will to try to make you believe. You are simply taking over an existing timeshare membership. This ownership will work for you in exactly the same way when using at your ‘Home Resort’, Exchanging to 3000 resorts with Interval International , including the 56 Marriott Vacation Club worldwide resorts.

However, you will not be eligible to trade your timeshare resale week to Marriott’s Rewards® points and/or Marriott Destinations Club® Points.

How do I know there is no debt owed on the timeshare I am buying?

Marriott sales rep. may implicate this as a reason not to buy a resale ownership but to instead buy a membership at full price, be reassured this is not the case.

It is in fact impossible for us to start processing a transfer of an ownership with any outstanding debt on it. Before Marriott Vacation Worldwide will issue any transfer documentation the ownership must be debt free, with the maintenance fee payments current.


What is the Transfer of Ownership Process?

The transfer process takes about 90 days to complete; however, it is essential that we follow legal and company requirements and ensure that both parties are fully protected throughout the procedure.

Marriott Vacation Worldwide (MVW) does the transfer of ownership from their head offices in Florida and the process organised in 5 parts:

  1. Once agreement is reached between you and the seller, our transaction coordinator, will contact you to collect all the necessary information for the contract preparation.
  2. Before the end of the mandatory 14 days’ withdrawal period, we are asking you to transfer onto the escrow account the full purchase amount. All monies will stay blocked until completion of the transfer of ownership.
  3. From the moment the funds are placed into the account, the agreements will be sent to Marriott for review, also referred as to “Right of First Refusal” period (ROFR); this typically takes 4 weeks. If Marriott choose to waive their “Right of First Refusal” we can then move on with the procedure and the complete file will then be sent via secured postal mail to MVW in Florida.
  4. In about another 4 weeks of time, we should receive from MVW a document named Holiday Ownership Transfer Agreement (HOTA). Upon receipt, we will forward it to you and the seller for original signatures. This original signed document should be returned to us and after verification we will send it back to MVW in Florida.
  5. We’ve now reached the final step of the transfer of ownership procedure and we will have to wait another 4 weeks for MVW to complete the transaction. You will receive to your home address the timeshare ownership certificate(s) and we will wait for your confirmation before releasing the funds to the seller.

Will I have to pay maintenance fees?

Yes. Whether you buy a timeshare off the resale market or from the resort developer, you will be responsible for paying maintenance fees on your unit.

The Doctor Timeshare Experience

  • Sebastien was very helpful as we searched for our first timeshare. He explained the process in a clear and concise manner. I recommend Doctor Timeshare!
    Family Ayodeji
    United Kingdom
  • Jonathan made our new membership buying process enjoyable, and stress-free. We would recommend Doctor Timeshare to anyone and will definitely use them again in the future.
    Family Van der Wal
  • Just purchased two timeshare weeks at Marbella with Doctor Timeshare. Fantastic service and even better price, we looked at all other companies and yours was the best price.
    T. Engström