How Do We Work?

How We Work

Choosing and Buying a timeshare ownership has never been this easy.

How We Work
Choosing and Buying a timeshare ownership has never been this easy.

A Safe & Secure Platform

At Doctor Timeshare, we take our customers’ security very seriously!

We understand many unethical businesses prey on inexperienced timeshare owners and we can understand your scepticism; therefore, we have taken all the risk out of the services we offer.

Selling or buying a timeshare need not be a complicated process, and with our help, it won’t be.

We Let the Client Buy

In a recent survey, over 79% of people surveyed thought that it was necessary to sit through a high-pressure sales presentation to purchase a timeshare.

Question: If you go into an auto dealer, are you required to sit through a 90-minute presentation on the virtues of their latest model? Of course not! You may come in, see the model, ask for the price, and decide whether you want to buy.

At Doctor Timeshare, we have saved owners thousands of euros for those that have bought during a timeshare sales presentation and later found us in time to buy on the resale market for much less!

The Doctor Timeshare Experience

  • Just purchased two timeshare weeks at Marbella with Doctor Timeshare. Fantastic service and even better price, we looked at all other companies and yours was the best price.
    T. Engström
  • Just to let you know that after trying other companies and paying exhorbitant fees, we sold our Marriott Son Antem timeshare within 45 days after listing with Sebastien.
    Family Rockford
  • I just wanted to thank everyone at Doctor Timeshare! We had the best vacation ever in Majorca. What a beautiful Villa….and the golf !!! Hope to see you next year!!
    Family Roberts