Marriott Asia-Pacific Club: 2.500 Points

Marriott Asia-Pacific Club: 2.500 Points

5.500 €

Additional Details

  • Ownership
    Right to use until 2055
  • Usage Type
    Every year
  • Next Occupancy
  • 2020 Maintenance Fees
    $1.100 ($0.44 per point)
  • Marriott transfer fees, Escrow Services fees, Administration fees
    350 € per transfer


Discover Marriott Vacation Club, Asia-Pacific

Members of Asia-Pacific points receive an allotment of Club Points every year during the life of the membership. Through their membership, members can access guest rooms, suites and holiday apartments at seven resorts in Thailand, Australia, and the United States. Plus, through the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program®, members can further enjoy:

– Access to all other Marriott Vacation Club® resorts worldwide, in any apartment size, any check-in day and for any length of stay.

– Access to other resorts such like Royal Savoy Madere, Sheraton, and more.

– Flexibility to bank or borrow points to expand your holiday options.

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Same Benefits — Lower Prices

By purchasing Asia-Pacific points on the secondary market, you can save as much as 85% off the price of purchasing that same amount of points directly from Marriott, the developer. No high-pressure sales pitches to deal with, just leisurely browsing from the comfort of your own home.

These Club Points will have exactly the same benefits as points purchased directly from Marriott and will work in the same way.

Marriott Owner Services deals professionally with all owners, no matter where or how they purchased their Club Points. There is no preference given to bookings or exchanges for those that purchased at full price directly from Marriott, over and above owners of resale ownerships.