Rent Out Your Timeshare

Rent Out Your Timeshare

Receive extra money in your pocket to cover your annual maintenance fees!

Rent Out Your Timeshare
Receive extra money in your pocket to cover your annual maintenance fees!

Free Registration – You Remain in Control

Are you not able to use your timeshare week this year? Are you unhappy with paying a large portion of your rental income in commissions to the Resort (around 40%) and upfront advertising fees to rentals companies?

Then this site is for you — you can register your timeshare week(s) with us, free of charge, and our process is simple, reliable, and risk-free!

We will handle all the advertising costs and once we receive a rental request, we will confirm to you the exact net amount you will receive upon completion. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to host the guest or not.

What is the Rental Process?

Our Vacation Rental process is quite simple, however, it is essential that we follow legal requirements and ensure that both parties are fully protected throughout the process.

The Vacation Rental process is thus organised in 5 parts:

  1. Getting an offer is a great feeling but for us, the work is just beginning. We will confirm to you in writing the exact net amount which you will receive and once you have confirmed that you would like to host the guest, we are ready to move to step two.
  2. We will then collect full payment from the guest and we will hold the funds until 24 hours after check-in, at which point you receive your money. Our « strict » policy implemented means that all prepayments are non-refundable.
  3. After the guest’s payment clears the bank, we will ask you to contact the owner services department of Marriott and add the name of the guest to the reservation as the person checking into your unit. There is absolutely no need to justify to Marriott the reasons of such changes.
  4. At this point, we will need you to forward us Marriott’s e-mail  confirming the name of the renter, the arrival and departure dates and all other information needed to check in at the resort.
  5. We’ve now reached the final step, your guest have checked in, the funds will then be released to your Bank account or Payal account in file.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our vacation rental process.

What about Payment and Cancellation?

You will need to provide us with your Banking details (IBAN) or PayPal account so we can transfer the guest money to you. We remind you that we will hold the payment until 24 hours after check-in, at which point you receive your money.

Our “strict” cancellation policy implemented means that all prepayments are non refundable. Also, if the guest decides to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

What are Doctor Timeshare Service Fees?

Publishing your timeshare week(s) on our website is free of charge. If we are able to find you a renter, we will charge a flat service fee of 150 EUR per timeshare week rented. This fee will be deducted directly from the amount to be transferred to your Bank account or Paypal account.

Time to Find a Renter

Now is the best time to rent out your week(s) as there are more and more vacationers looking to rent timeshares every day.

With our innovative marketing methods and through our new vacation rental platform, your timeshare week(s) will be exposed to millions of travellers who can find and book it in an instant.

Don’t wait to get your timeshare on the market — with no upfront costs to you, there is no risk!

Renting Timeshare Weeks in Spain

Owners of timeshare weeks in Europe have recently received a notification from Marriott regarding the restrictions on tourist rentals in Spain and advising owners who wish to rent their timeshares to only use Marriott’s rental programme.

We have participated to multiple conferences related to this new Tourism law in Mallorca and Valencia, and we wish to reassure you that for many reasons this law has no consequences for Marriott timeshare owners, but rather to crack down on unlicensed apartments and private properties.

If you would like to learn more about it, you can start a live chat with a Timeshare specialist or contact us. We day by day keep ourselves informed on the development of this new law and we would be happy to advise you.

The Doctor Timeshare Experience

  • We rented our Son Antem timeshare since we couldn't use it this year. We saved 35% commission fees if we had done the rental through Marriott. We’ll be back!
    Family Waters
    United Kingdom
  • We have rented 2 of our weeks from your site. It is the first time we have ever been successful on a website in renting a week and we have been on many over the past years.
    Family Meunier
  • I just wanted to tell Doctor Timeshare how much I appreciate their service in helping us rent our timeshare in Marbella. It is far better than the other sites we have used. Thank you!
    Family Bloom
    United Kingdom