Owners FAQ’s

Timeshare Owners FAQ’s

Looking For Answers?

Timeshare Owners FAQ’s
Looking For Answers?

If you’re a Marriott timeshare owner looking to sell or rent your timeshare on the secondary market, you may have many questions. Our timeshare owners’ frequently asked questions will help you to better understand how to sell a timeshare, rent timeshare, and more. If you have additional questions or need immediate assistance, call one of our friendly timeshare specialists at +34 910 605 270 or via the contact form.

Selling Your Timeshare

Yes really, no tricks! Registering your timeshare week(s) and/or Club Points with us is 100% free. Absolutely no hidden fees, no credit card information or long-term exclusivity required; relying only on commission paid by the buyers at the time of closing.

With our stress-free service we’ll take care of everything. From promoting your timeshare on our website but also to our own network of licensed timeshare resellers, to finding a qualified buyer, you won’t have to lift a finger or pay a fee!

*** Always be cautious of anyone wanting a fee in advance of the sale. ***

You wouldn’t pay your Realtor before they sell your house, so why would you pay upfront for your timeshare? If anyone requires an upfront fee to help you sell or register your timeshare for sale, be very cautious. Also, be wary of any timeshare ad-site that promises a “too-good-to-be-true” selling rate. Many third party scam artists that charge an upfront fee will entice sellers into the false expectation of an unrealistic, higher sale-price, in order to secure the sale of the ad.

In many cases, once you’ve paid them an upfront fee, these ad-sites will lose any urgency they had to work towards selling the timeshare. They have already received their incentive and will focus on getting more upfront fees rather than finding a buyer for the timeshare.

Knowing your timeshare’s worth in today’s market is an important first step in selling your timeshare.

Whether you’re familiar with reselling timeshare or just starting out, several areas should be considered when determining a timeshare’s worth, however, one area to disregard is the original sale priced you’ve paid for your timeshare.

Similar to the sale of a new car, timeshares lose worth “right off the lot”  because of the sales commissions, marketing costs and extravagant ‘gifts’ baked into the developer’s original sale price. These costs average between 50-60% of the initial sale price.

In today’s resale market, it is no secret that there are more sellers (with an identical ownership and an identical need to sell) than there are buyers, so you need to know where to set your asking price to attract offers — if you do not price your timeshare competitively, you will then have little to no chance of selling your timeshare at all. The higher you list the price, the longer it will take to sell. If you need to be rid of the annual fees associated with your timeshare quickly, then a lower price will draw timeshare buyers.

We invite you to click on the button below and to start researching on our website what is the current asking price for a similar ownership as yours. Need assistance? Feel free to contact our multilingual team at +34 910 605 270 or via the contact form.

Yes! Regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare, you are entitled to resell it.

Sadly, no! You can’t sell if your timeshare is still under financing. The ownership must be debt free in order that Marriott Vacation Worldwide approve the transaction.

Because the resale market is a buyer’s market, it can take time to locate a buyer, and no one can accurately determine a specific length of time within which your timeshare will sell.

There are many factors that will influence the resale of your timeshare including your home-resort location, timeshare season, unit size, demand, and of course, if your asking price is in accordance with the resale market values. In short, the higher you list the price, the longer it will take to sell. If you need to move the timeshare quickly, then a lower price will draw timeshare buyers.

If you need to sell your timeshare, and can’t afford to waste any more time, depending on the location and season of your ownership we could offer you a cash price to immediately take over your ownership, and liberate you from all your obligations.

An alternative option would be to voluntary surrender your ownership by offering it back to the resort for no monetary compensation. Feel free to contact our multilingual team at +34 910 605 270 or via the contact form for more information about the immediate sale and voluntary surrender subjects.

All you need to do is send your proof of ownership (such as a copy of the deed in your name) or your latest maintenance invoice showing your current balance due. We will need details such as the specific inventory number, usage, unit size, location.

For detailed information about the steps of the transaction, visit our Transfer of Ownership Process page.

Marriott’s timeshare buy back policy is also referred to as Right of First Refusal. Before any Marriott timeshare can be sold, the agreements must be sent to Marriott for review. Marriott has a limited number of days to review the contracts and in that time, if they decided to, they can purchase the property based on the terms of the sales contract. The funds will then be refunded to the buyers, and you, the seller, will proceed with the transaction, but with Marriott as the new buyer.

On the other hand, if Marriott waive their ROFR, the original sale can proceed. In either case, you will receive the same amount for the sale of your timeshare.

You can have peace in mind knowing that we will not charge you any sort of fees before, during or after the sales process. The buyer will cover the transfer and administration fees, and we earn our remuneration only after the sale is completed and the escrow is closed.

Yes, we strongly recommend all our sellers in securing a reservation for next year usage. Having a confirmed reservation during high demanded months (between May and October) will attract potential buyers and will increase your chances of selling.

It is well understood that the buyers will be responsible for next year usage maintenance fees payment and every year thereafter.

Renting Your Timeshare

Publishing your timeshare week(s) on our website is free of charge. No upfront fee or long-term exclusivity. ONLY IF we successfully find you a renter, we will charge you a fixed service fee of 150 EUR per timeshare week rented. This fee will be deducted from the amount to be disbursed to your Bank or Paypal account.

You can review our current availabilities and prices charged by each owner on our page “Rentals Availabilities“. To keep our website easy to use we only communicate the lowest price for weeks with similar dates registered at different prices.

To attract potential renters and to increase your chances of getting a reservation request, we advise you to set your rental rate 20% to 30% below your Resort pricing rates (marriott.com). The rental price(s) you have set should include our service fee of 150€ per timeshare week.

If you are in a rush to rent, pricing lower than other weeks is the best way to get a quick response.

When an offer is made on your rental listing, it will be forwarded to you for your consideration by one of your chosen methods of communication; email or phone call.

Once you have accepted the reservation request we will collect full payment from the guest upfront and ask you to contact the Owners Services department of Marriott to add the name of the guest to the reservation as the person checking into your unit.

We remind you that our cancellation policy implemented means that all prepayments are non refundable if cancelled more than 1 day after booking. If the guest decides to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

As soon as you forward us the confirmation of reservation under the guest name, we will directly process with your first payment and disburse to your Bank or Paypal account 50% of the entire rental amount.

The balance payment (the remaining 50%, minus our service fee of 150 EUR per timeshare week rented) will be disbursed to your Bank or Paypal account one business day after your guest’s scheduled check-in date.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns with regard to our payout policy. We are of course open to reasonable suggestion.

To change the reservation name simply contact MVCI Owners Services in Ireland on +353 21 730 4444 or by email at europe.services@vacationclub.com with your reservation number. Make sure to provide the correct guest name, and we remind you that there is absolutely no need to provide any reasons to Marriott.