What are Timeshare Resales?

What are Timeshare Resales?

The guarantee to buy the same timeshare 50% to 85% cheaper.

What are Timeshare Resales?
The guarantee to buy the same timeshare 50% to 85% cheaper.

Timeshares for Sale by Owner

To put it simply, timeshare resales are timeshare ownerships for sale by owner, rather than for sale direct-from-the developer.

For a long time, timeshare resales were a well-kept secret in the timeshare industry. But no more! Timeshare resale is now a widely-recognized facet of the timeshare industry. Owners can have easy access to interested buyers, and buyers can find great deals on their future vacations.

By purchasing a timeshare on the resale market, you can save as much as 85% off the price of purchasing that same timeshare directly from Marriott Vacation Club, the Developer, through a “90-minute” sales presentation.

“Do I Lose Benefits Buying Resale?”

A Marriott timeshare resale is not a copy product! You’re simply taking over an existing timeshare membership from an owner that, for a legitimate reason, is simply not interested in keeping it.

Your Marriott resale ownership(s) will thus work for you in the same way when staying in your Home Resort and exchanging to other Resorts worldwide. The only slight difference is that you will not be eligible to enrol your resale week(s) into Marriott’s Destination Club points-based internal exchange program or trade it for Marriott’s Reward Points to use for hotels.

We also often have people asking if Marriott resale owners are treated differently or get the worst rooms. No! Marriott Owner Services deals professionally with all owners, no matter where or how they purchased their timeshare ownership(s). There is also no preference given to bookings or exchanges for those that purchased at the full price directly, over and above owners of resale ownerships.

How to use your Timeshare

As a timeshare owner in the Marriott Vacation Club, the world is your oyster, and every year, you get to choose where you want to go! Your every year usage options are the following:

  • Option 1 – Making a Reservation: Book your Home Resort either 12 or 13 months in advance (by contacting Marriott Owner Services or through the owner’s login page my-vacationclub.com).
  • Option 2 – Internal Exchange: Exchange to 56 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts worldwide (through Interval International – Click here to explore Marriott Vacation Club Resorts locations).
  • Option 3 – External Exchange: Exchange to +3.000 worldwide directories, such as Hilton, Hyatt and +80 nations such as Italy, Greece, Portugal, and more (through Interval International – Click here to explore Interval International destinations).
  • Option 4 – Banking: Deposit your timeshare week(s) to be saved for a later time.
  • Option 5 – Rent-Out: Rent-out your timeshare week(s) to anyone else.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long will I own my timeshare for?

The length of the ownership will depend on the resort in which you purchase.

Marriott’s Playa Andaluza ownership is until: 2052
Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort ownership is until: 2076
Marriott’s Club son Antem, Mallorca, ownership is until: 2078
Marriott’s Village d´lle de France, Paris, ownership is until: 2082
Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club, Thailand, ownership is until: 2081

What are maintenance fees?

Maintenance fees are the annual charges which you pay when you own a timeshare interest. The annual maintenance fees, are the owner’s assurance for the upkeep of the resort in which they own. The fees are usually billed by the management company of the resort in which the owner owns the timeshare interest, or by the owner’s committee. Maintenance fees are generally evaluated by the number of units and weeks at any one given resort, coupled with the common areas, facilities and operating costs.

Marriott will send you the bill for your annual dues between November and December, and payment is due in January of the following year.

Seasons? What are timeshare seasons?

Before you buy any timeshare ownership, it is important to understand how owning a certain “color season” will affect how you will be able to use your timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Season may, in some part, have to do with the weather but these seasons are directly aligned with the demand of a given week in the year. The number of visitors and owners of a particular week create the demand and in turn, dictate what season that week will fall under. High demand weeks experience a large amount of people that want to travel to a specific resort during a specific week.

Marriott Vacation Club designate these seasons with colors such as Silver, Gold, Gold-Holiday and Platinum to distinguish between high, intermediate and low demand weeks.

  • Platinum Season (April/July/August): Allows you to travel all year round  in any of the 56 Marriott Vacation Club resorts – Perfect Season for family with kids with a need to travel during the Summer holiday period.
  • Gold-Holiday Season (February/June/July/October/December): This Season is available only in certain amounts of Resorts and also coincide with Winter, Spring, Fall and Christmas European school holidays.
  • Gold Season (April/June/July/September): It is considered as the Mid-Season – Kids are back in school, crowds have returned home, travel costs are reasonable and the weather is still pleasant in most of the European Resorts. Perfect Season for Golfers!
  • Silver Season (January/February/March/November/December): It should be seen as a step in the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare system. Certainly this season is quite limited, however, you’ll be able to exchange into almost 3000 other resorts worldwide.

What is Interval International?

Interval International is the exchange company with which Marriott Vacation Club is affiliated to facilitate owners of Marriott Vacation Club timeshares to exchange to other resorts worldwide. Other luxury timeshare brands are also affiliated with Interval International, such as Starwood and Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

Whether you have purchased a resale ownership or purchased directly from Marriott Vacation Club, all exchanges via Interval International are processed in exactly the same way. It does not make any difference to your wide number of options for exchange, whether you are the original owner or the owner of a timeshare resale ownership.

One of the main attractions for Interval International members are the “Getaway” offers, these are extra holiday weeks which you can purchase at very low prices. As a purchaser of a resale timeshare ownership you have access to exactly the same Getaways, including stays at Marriott Vacation Club resorts, and other luxury brand timeshare resorts, as a direct purchaser from a resort/developer.

Exchange via Interval International carries an administration fee which is currently only 110 EUR per week to exchange into Marriott Vacation Club Resorts and only 160 EUR, maximum fee, per week to exchange into over 3000 worldwide properties.