What is Marriott Timeshare?

What is Marriott Timeshare?

A 30 Years leader in the Timeshare industry.

What is Marriott Timeshare?
A 30 Years leader in the Timeshare industry.

Why Marriott Timeshare?

For more than 30 years, Marriott has established itself as a brand with a reputation for high quality, unbeatable service, and convenience. Their vacation ownership branch, Marriott Vacation Club, echoes the same traits through its luxury timeshare resorts.

Purchasing a Marriott timeshare week for sale by owner will offer you easy, cost-efficient, and affordable vacations for years to come. In addition to finding the units and luxury villas you desire for your vacations each year, you’ll be able to enter the Marriott Vacation Club through your timeshare purchase, which comes with a flurry of other great benefits!

What is a Timeshare Week?

Timeshares provides you with the right-to-use of an apartment/villa at a Marriott Vacation Club resort. You “own” your holiday unit for the period that you’ve purchased and pay an annual maintenance fee.

Do you thus like the allure of flexibility in your travel plans each year?  Or perhaps you cannot commit to vacation on the same week year after year? If so, timeshare floating weeks will suit you perfectly!

In a floating week system, a Marriott timeshare owner is given a range of weeks to choose from each year. Each week of the year is given a number. In turn, each group of numbers is evaluated as to their popularity among owners. The groups are then sorted by highest demand into different Seasons.

What are Timeshare Seasons?

Marriott Vacation Club designate the seasons with colours such as SilverGold, Gold-Holiday and Platinum to distinguish between high, intermediate and low demand weeks.

  • Platinum Season (April/July/August): Perfect Season for family with kids with a need to travel during Easter and Summer holiday.
  • Gold-Holiday Season (February/June/July/October/December): This Season is available only in certain amounts of Marriott Resorts and also coincide with Winter, Spring, Fall and Christmas school holidays.
  • Gold Season (April/June/July/September): It is considered as the Mid-Season – Kids are back in school, crowds have returned home, travel costs are reasonable and the weather is still pleasant in most of the European Resorts.
  • Silver Season (January/February/March/November/December): This Low-Season will also allow you to exchange into almost 3000 other resorts worldwide.